About Mariebo Aviation

Mariebo Aviation was founded in 2001 to provide an innovative and client oriented sales organisation for the executive aircraftmarket in Europe.


Our experience of executive aviation goes back to the mid 1980´s, and enables us to give you as our client, all the hard earned knowledge requierd for purchasing, selling and operating in a market heavy with regulations as the european.


Our clients are mainly midsize companies who have strict intrest in recieving the ultimate value for their money, and we are pleased to have earned theire trust and finding them recommending our services to theire friend and collegues.


Its our strong beliefe that you are only able to have one clients interest in mind whenever you are acting as an aircraftbroker. We are not interested in building relations- we are intrested in results for our clients.


We would like to welcome you onboard our selected groups of clients and let us earn your trust.


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